Enter the IBC2020 Awards


Sunday 13 September 2020, RAI Amsterdam

The IBC Awards cover the breadth of the industry: everything from how we create and distribute content to recognising those making a real difference in leadership technology, creativity and social responsibility.

You can submit entries for the following IBC Awards:

- Innovation Awards – the best projects in  content creation, content distribution and content everywhere
- Young Pioneer Award – under 30s changing the industry in business, technology and creativity
- Social Impact Award – individuals and enterprises making strides in environmental awareness, ethical leadership, and diversity and inclusion

IBC also has awards for the best technology paper and for excellence in exhibition stand design. IBC honours outstanding achievements, and these will be celebrated as part of the Awards Ceremony on Sunday night at IBC.


We are here to help!

If you cannot find what you need on our website, please drop us a line at awards@ibc.org and we can email or call you back. Whether you have a specific query about your project or would like some advice on how to shape your entry, the IBC Team is here to help.

Useful Information for Entrants

Key Dates for 2020

Submission Fee

Rules & Eligibility

IBC Innovation Awards

The IBC Innovation Awards are the most coveted in the industry because they are about more than just technology. To win one of these trophies, you must show you have tackled a real challenge – creative, technical or commercial – through innovative thinking and dynamic collaboration.

A winning entry will show media companies and their technology partners working together to create a practical and effective solution, which is delivering real benefits for the enterprise and its audience.

The trophy itself goes to the end user company that is benefitting from the solution, but the technology partners are very much at the heart of the celebrations.

Categories are:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Everywhere


IBC Young Pioneer Award

The IBC Young Pioneer Award recognises the rising stars of our industry. The winner will be 30 or under by 31 July 2020, and will be actively engaged within their field, demonstrating passion, ambition and commitment.

Nominees could be working in a creative or technology role, or transforming a business proposition. In 2019, the first ever IBC Young Pioneer was Vera Bichler, the first woman sports director at ORF.

If you know of a rising industry talent deserving recognition, then be their Champion, find out more about the programme, and how to enter.


IBC Social Impact Award

It is doubly important that our industries demonstrate the highest standards in social responsibility. They must be seen to be upholding the highest standards in everything from respect for its staff to a sustainable future.

To win this award, you will probably highlight an initiative, project or campaign which is having a visible impact on your business and the wider world. It might be in environmental awareness, ethical leadership, or social inclusivity. But it will show a real willingness to engage with the big issues affecting us all.


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