The IBC Future Zone

Seeing The Future Now

The IBC Future Zone brings together the very latest ideas, innovations and concept technologies from international industry and academia, and showcases them in a single specially-curated exhibition area within the IBC Exhibition.

This year, the focus is on showing how new technologies grow from their first inception, progress through research/development/validation projects, to mature into the ground-breaking applications and product standards of the future.

Visit the IBC Future Zone, and to see innovative technologies at various stages of their life cycle development, and experience some of the astounding new achievements in our industry, including:

  • Object-based content production
  • Workflows in the cloud
  • ‘perfect pictures’ with incredible resolution, super high dynamic range and enhanced display properties, ultra-wide vision capabilities, and enhanced user-generated content potential
  • 3D spatial audio and truly immersive audio/video experiences
  • The next generation of virtual/augmented/mixed reality systems including the latest wearable technologies
  • And the production of real-time virtual and live special effects in a pop-up studio
Future Zone

To showcase how new technologies grow our exhibitors are divided into three themes of product development:

Ideas & Innovations: Startups & Incubation Research & Development: R&D Projects and Theatre Presentations Future Content: Production & Distribution

The next generation of startups have the disruptive power and lateral thinking ability that are often missing in established organisations.

Come and interact with exhibitors (real and virtual) and discuss project results in the open 'Poster Display' area.

See how new production and distribution processes are developing with technologies like IP, the cloud, object-based production and smart distribution networks.