Startup Innovation Hub

IBC & The Next Web bring Innovation to life at IBC2020

IBC is collaborating with The Next Web (TNW) launching the Startup Innovation Hub at IBC2020. The Next Web is a major digital tech media brand with a huge global audience in the startup and emerging tech space.

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“Innovation has always been in IBC’s DNA. IBC first launched a dedicated Startup programme in 2017 as a commitment to the new companies producing transformational tech for the media and entertainment sector. Building on that commitment, I’m delighted to now be collaborating with one of the leading specialists in the tech startup sector – TNW (TheNextWeb) to bring the TNW Startup Innovation Hub to IBC 2020."  Steve Connolly, IBC

What is the Startup Innovation Hub?

The Startup Innovation Hub will be a 5 day programme at IBC2020 consisting of tech startups on the show floor, daily pitch battles, keynote presentations, facilitated networking and themed challenges.

The programme allows tech providers the opportunity to collaborate with carefully selected startups offering complementary technologies and services that will help you develop a competitive advantage by working together on tech solutions.

What themes will be covered?

There are 6 main innovation areas TNW will help focus your efforts on:

1) AI and Machine Learning
2) Sustainability
3) Esports
4) AdTech
5) Emerging technologies
6) Customised theme - we welcome innovation opportunities in all areas

What support does the programme provide?

TNW will support sponsors in framing their innovation opportunities, scouting for companies that fit their business needs and shaping collaboration with a solution provider. 

There will be a workshop with the sponsor's team (the opportunity shaping session) where we will look at the trends in society, the industry and the sponsor's business which will result in a tangible opportunity that sets TNW up to scout for companies that can help the sponsor in a successful partnership.

Throughout the program TNW will keep in touch about the selection criteria, provide updates on the scouting progress and test any early possible solutions with the sponsor. 

During the Startup Innovation Hub at IBC2020, TNW will be on hand to ensure sponsors get the chance to watch pitches focused on their innovation opportunities, showcase their innovation efforts to the world in the TNW TV Studio, join a networking dinner at our Deals Over Dinner event and provide the opportunity to meet a range of innovative companies from the industry.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Explore the tech ecosystem
  • Position your brand as an innovation leader
  • Boost your partnership outreach
  • Tackle innovation opportunities
  • Expand your R&D pipeline
  • Reach new tech audiences

What are the joining fees?

There is a fee of £21,500 to join this initiative which includes:

  • ongoing support from TNW
  • introductions and partnerships with some of the industry's leading startups
  • a booth within the Startup Innovation Hub floor at IBC2020

How can I get involved?