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Future Zone

Future Zone

Future Zone

Seeing the future now.

future zone

Visit the Future Zone to see innovative technologies at all stages of the life cycle development, from inception, through to research / development / validation of projects, and ground-breaking applications and products of the future.

The Future Zone brings together the very latest ideas, innovations and concept technologies from international industry and academia, and showcases them in a single specially curated area on the IBC show floor. 

A visit to the Future Zone allows you to see innovative technologies at various stages of their life cycle development, and to experience some of the astounding new achievements in our industry.

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Tech Talks: VR & AR 

Future Zone Advisory Group

The Future Zone is a highlight for many who attend IBC, providing visitors with a glimpse of future technologies and cutting-edge concepts across the broadcast and entertainment industries. To help pull together such a diverse range of latest innovations and hands-on demonstrations, by companies both big and small from around the globe, IBC co-opts a core group of renowned industry experts.

IBC2018 Future Zone Exhibitors

Ideas & Innovations: Startups & Incubation

Company Summary
Duelbox Duelbox is a cloud-based software which offers a wide perspective of second screen solutions (Second Screen) and complete show software (InStudio) for small and mid-sized TVs without high upfront investment cost. It is straightforward and integrates seamlessly with existing technologies.
Deep Inc / Liquid Cinema Liquid Cinema is a revolutionary software that allows filmmakers, journalists, advertisers and educators to create and distribute highly sophisticated cinematic VR.
Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd Mo-sys (UK) and partners are showcasing an interactive pop-up green-screen studio, producing high-quality real-time Virtual and Live special effects, using their ‘StarTracker’ system. StarTracker precisely positions/tracks cameras, real/virtual actors, avatars etc., and integrates seamlessly with the XSens ‘MoCap’ suit to produce a full-body 3-D kinematics solution.
University of Warwick trueDR and partners are world-leading researchers into new innovations for High Dynamic Range content. Compelling AVI-encoded HDR video is shown on a range of current and future displays - including mobile devices and a 10,000 nit screen. Truly awesome images without the need for a darkened room for viewing.
Vision III Imaging Vision III Imaging (US) is showcasing its v3® parallax visualization (PV) technologies for digital advertising and other content creation applications.  See how v3 technologies create imagery that appears more dimensional and realistic, with enhanced textures, to maximize users’ quality of experience on conventional displays.

Live CGI is a platform to create live computer-generated images to connect to your fans, brands and audiences. The patent-pending platform takes sensor suits with data & audio mapping, and combines them with video game engines to transmit simultaneous live feeds to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, TV and Mobile applications.


Volucap is an innovation cluster and capture studio for volumetric 3D-video scans. Actors and 3D-video objects scanned with full temporal resolution, are viewed on head-mounted displays, where the viewer can freely move around and inspect the subject from all sides. Volucap will be presenting a prototype cinema-quality 360° system.

Research & Development: R&D Projects and Theatre Presentations

Company Summary
COGNITUS The COGNITUS EU-H2020 Project provides live demonstrations of a fully functional end-to-end platform, harmoniously blending crowdsourcing videos with high quality broadcast-standard content. It combines the advances in UHD broadcasting technologies with the explosion of UGC to create new interactive, immersive modes of production, beyond the everyday state-of-the-art.
InVID H2020 The InVID EU-H2020 Project demonstrates a knowledge verification platform to discover, verify and visualize social media video content, and manage related rights. Newsrooms/news agencies can analyse and validate user-generated videos, to detect emerging stories and assess the reliability of newsworthy video files and content spread via social media.
IRT / 2IMMERSE The 2-IMMERSE H-2020 Project is a collaborative project demonstrating the benefits of object-based broadcasting which allows TV experiences to be customised to suit the viewers’ contexts and preferences and displayed across many screens. 2-IMMERSE delivers technology-enabling services ‘to immerse’ audiences in shared and personalised multiscreen experiences.
MOS2S / Etri The ITEA3 MOS2S Project partnership spans four countries - Belgium, Republic of Korea, Turkey and the Netherlands. Experience the wide field-of-view demonstration, which uses end-to-end components featuring 360 degree videos and Ultra Wide Vision (UWV), and see the world’s first intercontinental UWV transmission between Korea and the Netherlands.
NTT NTT Group is one of the world's largest ICT and telecommunication carrier companies. In order to achieve seamless and high quality video transmission for 4K/8K communications and broadcasting, NTT Group offers the latest technologies. 
IRIB IRIB R&D develops innovative new products and technologies in broadcast/broadband industry that will shape tomorrow. Recent developments in deep learning and AI, novel audio and video processing projects as well as intelligent OTT services are to name a few.

ProRes IP Live Ingest to Media Composer Timeline. MXF joint streaming demonstrator by ARRI, AVID and NABLET. The setup demonstrates ProRes IP Live Ingest into the AVID Media Composer Timeline by MXF. A frontend for the Media Composer, developed by NABLET, captures the camera IP stream and muxes ProRes to MXF. An IP based "Edit while Capture" workflow is demonstrated while streaming is taking place. MXF allows for a variety of media formats and comprehensive metadata. It can provide data consistency among file and stream and leverages synergy on standards specification, system implementation, and operation.

VRIF The Virtual Reality Industry Forum furthers the widespread availability of high-quality audiovisual VR experiences for consumers. VRIF comprises a broad range of participants from sectors including the movie, television, broadcast, mobile and gaming ecosystems, and showcases interoperability solutions and new use cases like HDR and 6DoF VR capabilities.


Future Content: Production & Distribution

Company Summary
BBC R&D BBC R&D (UK) explores the move to IP distribution, with new audience experiences and Object-Based Media – combining the cream of traditional broadcast technology with the best of IP. Cutting-edge demonstrations include HEVC content delivery over IP, multicast distribution, dynamic substitution of IP-delivered content into live services, and low-latency internet distribution. 
B-Com IRT b-com (France) develops innovative solutions, and reveals two latest advances here: a solution for converting SDR video content to HDR formats, in real time; plus a second technology concerning Higher Order Ambisonic audio applied to VR content, using a head-mounted display and immersive 3D spatialised audio.
Ultra HD Forum Ultra HD Forum advocates industry consensus around technical standards for UHD. Come and experience what really works in UHD today and what to expect in the next two years - with High Dynamic Range, Next Generation Audio and High Frame Rate demonstrations; and see the power of Content-Aware Encoding.
NHK NHK is the sole public broadcaster in Japan and has been leading the development of broadcasting technologies. Our stand showcases the latest 8K technologies, efficient program production using AI, and the evolution of the platform integrating broadcasting with the internet.
White Light Ltd Having recently worked on-site for the live coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and Winter Olympics in South Korea, White Light has a complete understanding as to what is required by production companies working on high-profile broadcasts.

Live360 TV / ATEME

Distributing live 360 TV at home is a hot topic of today, it has a lot of challenges from production to distribution. Live360TV is a research collaborative project, leaded by ATEME, composed of French high tech companies (ATEME, Aviwest, Arkamys, Kolor) and research institutes (Telecom ParisTech, INRIA).

The “AMBEO Ultimate Kick: the Future of Sports Broadcast” features a novel microphone array by Sennheiser and its seamless integration with Lawo’s  software components necessary to create, mix and publish quality broadcast content for objective sports broadcast. Demos will be presented of recordings conducted during the game in a soccer stadium.



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