Event: We are planning a paper flyer game inside our booth every hour from 11 am to 4pm with a finale at 5pm. There will be prices to win ( caps) and also one big prize! 


Event: Snowflake will be doing a prize draw during their drinks reception on Saturday 16th September from 5-8pm at The Playground area. Tickets for the prize draw can be collected at the Snowflake Booth and the prize draw takes place Sat Sep 16th at 6pm. Prize range from teddy bears to a special Apple product!

Intertrust Technologies

Event: On Saturday, September 16 from 4pm - 6pm, Intertrust Technologies will host an open-house and happy hour with our partner, Zimperium, at Booth 5.G82. Join us to learn more about the art of customer engagement and monetization in zero-trust environments. 


Event: Visit our booth 5.H30 on the 15th and 16th of September from 14:00-19:00 and grab one of our signature cocktails. It's first come first served, so make sure you get to us on time!


Event: At 12.00 each day of Exhibition (starting on 14.09., finishing 18.09.) we will be having a quizz - please answer 10 questions about cloud playout and win surprise awards. Everyone is free to attend. Awarded is the person with best score. If the scores are equal, both nominees are awarded.


Event: We're having a series of daily presentations at the stand, along with Italian coffee.

The following is the agenda:
Friday 15th, 3pm: Video streaming taking over traditional terrestrial TV: planning for your imminent future.
Speaker: Dan Racioppa
Large SVOD streamers have staked their claim to people's eyeballs, and Broadcasters expect most of their viewership to be via streaming platforms by the mid-late 2020s. How does streaming technology need to evolve to support this large-scale audience migration?

Saturday 16th, 10am: Overcoming the technical challenges of Live Streaming at scale.
Speaker: Marco Inzaghi
Live Streaming at Scale, like a major sporting or cultural event, presents a range of significant technical challenges that need to be managed to ensure your audience is satisfied and your profitability is protected.  Learn from MainStreaming what the performance pitfalls are, and how to overcome them.

Saturday 16th, 3pm: Improving your QoE KPIs: the key to drive best Audience Engagement.
Speaker: Miguel Serrano
In Streaming video, Quality of Experience (QoE) is a significant driver of viewer engagement and is highly correlated with viewing time.  For media businesses that prioritise subscriber retention and advertising revenues, knowing how to improve QoE is therefore business critical.  Learn how the key QoE metrics can be improved and its business benefits.

Sunday 17th, 10am: New operating models for broadcasters to transition to streaming at scale.
Speaker: Paul Martin
National Broadcasters, however they are funded, are transitioning towards a world of streaming at scale.  Their very large national audiences currently served via DTT, Satellite, CableTV and IPTV are set to migrate towards OTT delivery.  Broadcast network operators, are in a unique position to support this transition.  Learn about MainStreaming's underlying video streaming technology and services.

Sunday 17th, 3pm: Innovation in streaming economics.

Speaker: Miguel Serrano.
Streaming Media businesses must be profitable, now more than ever. Margins across the media value chain from production to distribution have been squeezed for years. Isn't there anything else that your CDN provider can do for you to help boost your profitability?


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