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3 - 6 December 2021

Sustainability in Live Production

Sustainability in Live Production


What’s the challenge objective?

The objective of this Accelerator Challenge is to explore the most sustainable approach possible that can be introduced to a live tv production.

The aim of the proof of concept will be to showcase different techniques and technologies that can be used to reduce the environmental impact of a live production. In addition, we want to introduce tips and tactics that anyone can use to help serve as a blueprint that can be used across the industry.

What’s the Innovation?

This Accelerator will help inform others of possibilities and tangible elements that they can introduce into their productions to improve enhance efficiencies and reduce energy consumption, whilst also highlighting areas (opportunities) where vendors could develop better solutions than what currently exists.

We aim to include as much as possible from a full live production with a push to extend to a second phase project next year that might encompass, for example, the wider focus of end user consumption with a TV manufacturer.


Project Expertise Required? 

This project requires additional Champions (broadcaster/ production companies and studios) willing to bring experiences, expertise and knowledge to the project, in order to guide and provide feedback on the steps toward the PoC. 

We are looking for Participants in the projects, particularly vendors that are open to supporting the production, using their best methodologies and techniques whilst also open to learning new ways. We need people with experience in delivering and measuring sustainability.

To get involved, register your interest below, or email the team accelerators@ibc.org   

2021 Participants:

Exhibitors include: