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Sustainability in Live Production

Sustainability in Live Production


What was the challenge objective? 

The objective of this Accelerator Challenge has been to explore the most sustainable approach possible that can be introduced to a live tv production. 

The aim of the proof of concept will be to showcase different techniques, cloud and other technologies that can be fully exploited to reduce the environmental impact of a live production. The team aimed to experiment with multi-provider cloud technologies, formats and workflows, sharing camera feeds, audio, graphics and human resources to avoid duplication, reduce travel and other energy requirements in the production chain.  

The initiative is expected to drive research that support carbon footprint reduction for the sector, providing industry benchmarks and more measurable insights into live production for the first time.  

The Innovation

This Accelerator will help inform others of possibilities and tangible elements that they can introduce into their productions to improve enhance efficiencies and reduce energy consumption, whilst also highlighting areas (opportunities) where vendors could develop better solutions than what currently exists. The results, trialled during an English Premier League football game in December 2021, will be demonstrated alongside some initial results and comparative measurements in January 2022, which will provide significant industry insights and benchmarks for best practice in future productions.  

The Aim of the PoC

The project team, came together to experiment with multi-provider cloud technologies, formats and workflows, sharing camera feeds, audio, graphics and human resources to avoid duplication, reduce travel and other energy requirements in the production chain. The project team deployed bespoke workflows and architectures (see workflow and schematic documents) alongside a traditional Outside Broadcast production to compare and contrast footprints, in a collaborative ‘proof of concept’ demonstration during the Premier League game that took place on 16th December 2021, between Liverpool and Newcastle.

Final PoC Results

High level findings from the trial include confirmation that cloud production reduces the amount of technical infrastructure required for the gallery production, for some broadcasters by up to 70%. It also demonstrated that cloud production further reduces the requirements for significant onsite technical facilities as it allows signals to be sent quickly and easily to multiple locations. The session on IBC Digital explain the workflows in detail and the early findings. Further details and full analysis of the findings will be published in a technical white paper by the project team soon.

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