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3 - 6 December 2021

Immersive audio and sound imagery

Immersive audio and sound imagery


What’s the Challenge Objective?

2020 was a year that none of us could have imagined, without live music, we have missed ‘Being There’ from all the live experiences we’ve missed, and those who perform have missed that live connection of an audience in person even more so. This unique IBC Accelerator Challenge will explore Immersive Sound and Audio Imagery, bridging the audio-visual gap between artist and viewer/listener and breaking audio engineering rules by creating rich, spatialised, ‘six degrees of freedom’ audio, room simulation and 360 visuals, and recreate a magical creative live performance using a live orchestra, and several other potential workstreams.

What’s the aim of the POC?

This POC will aim to bring a triumphant return of the live experience, in a full, 360-degree spatialised studio environment, remotely and collaboratively, by looking to showcase a variety of workflows with live orchestral music, spoken word and a vocal performance.

By experimenting with new, groundbreaking audio software tools and visual production expertise, as well as using exclusively professional teams and direction for our performers, this POC will fulfil the artist’s intent of creating rich sounds for our IBC showcase with various creative outputs, making us as audience members remember exactly what ‘Being There’ is really like.

Filmed simply, but dynamically adapting the sound mixing for each camera angle to create a truly binaural experience that brings the feeling of being there, not just watching the artists, but aurally following everything they create.

What’s the Innovation?

Innovation in binaural, spatialised audio and room simulation, state of the art audio engineering, and exploring high-quality 8K visual video production will bring this POC to life, experimenting and improving along the way towards our IBC showcase 2021.


2021 Champions:

2021 Participants:


Project Expertise Required? 

This project requires specialist vendor expertise in a variety of the above areas. To get involved or find out more information please email the team accelerators@ibc.org   

Exhibitors include: