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3 - 6 December 2021

AI Bias Detection

AI Bias Detection


What’s the Challenge Objective?

The Accelerator will utilise Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to automate the detection of bias in news coverage. The project aims to determine whether AI-Generated Metadata that currently helps a broadcaster like Al Jazeera search and discover content, can also help them to analyse and measure bias, raise flags and hold themselves accountable to their values.

The team will be focused on the ability to show diversity, to be fair and balanced as any news organisation strives to be. With 4 or 5 language broadcasts across multiple platforms and 24/7 news and programmes generated daily, being able to track and measure against diversity, editorial and regulatory standards is a real challenge for the Champions.

2021 Champions:


Project Expertise Required?  

The team is looking for other (Champions) that find this topic and project interesting, and vendors (Participants) that have the AI expertise that they can support the goal, with the ability to measure using broadcasters’ content, which comes in multiple forms, articles or videos embedded in articles, the videos themselves, the broadcasts that go up on air.

This project requires specialist vendor expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions and techniques. To get involved, register your interest below, or email the team accelerators@ibc.org    

Exhibitors include: