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3 - 6 December 2021

5G & Remote Production in Live Sport

5G & Remote Production in Live Sport


What’s the Challenge objective?

To explore remote production use cases for a sports-based use case utilising 5G, to experiment with and assess a range of capabilities ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. 

Taking the learnings of 2020’s IBC 5G and Remote Production Accelerator project, this team of Champions, comprising world leading sports and news broadcasters, have their sites on what capabilities 5G may bring in the near term for coverage of some of the biggest sporting events on the planet in 2022. Looking ahead to these events, they will be looking to experiment this year beginning with a definition of the key use cases in sports coverage that will exploit some of 5G much anticipated capabilities to come (decreased latency, increased bandwidth and extended capacities).

The project will define a 5G enabled, sports-based remote production use case demonstrating current state of the art for critical aspects that broadcasters need to better understand if 5G is to become a reliable possibility in the remote production mix.

What’s the innovation?

Key elements that this Accelerator will explore include 5G’s low latencies (in the context of encoding and decoding bottlenecks) wired and wireless multi-camera synchronisation, addressing the constraints of network uplink and QoS, leveraging 5G within a post-production environment, network slicing, latest contribution capabilities and potentially, the deployment of AI enabled cameras.  

2021 Champions:

2021 Participants:


Project Expertise Required? 

This project requires specialist vendor expertise in each of the above areas. To get involved, register your interest below, or email the team accelerators@ibc.org   

Exhibitors include: