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3 - 6 December 2021

5G LBXR (Location-Based Extended Realities)

5G LBXR (Location-Based Extended Realities)


What’s the Challenge Objective?


The POC’s objective will be to push the boundaries of 5G to explore and validate the advanced XR features using high-quality entertainment content from multiple formats and platforms to improve a player’s experience via hyper-personalisation, AI-data points and deep-dive under the hood to better understand 5G’s advantages plugged into XR’s immersive interactivity, technical feasibility, inclusion and accessibility.

This exciting 5G LBXR Accelerator will also apply the learnings from this POC towards B2B and B2C commercial models, with a view towards monetisation and distribution around 5G-enabled cloud streaming XR services, content and user scenarios.

What’s the Innovation?

Innovation will be fired up all cylinders using advanced 5G connectivity (Telenet, Vodafone), cloud streaming infrastructure and open-to-use, stand-alone VR devices. In this POC, multiple, unique XR formats will be packaged and served to players in different locations, time zones and scenarios, with players taking part, or also as interactive spectators via XR content platforms, such as ESL’s AI-driven Weavr platform, Park Playgound’s VR venues or Hado’s AR tournaments.

These world-first R&D solutions in 5G and XR are expected to provide advantages and deep learnings accessibility, user immersion and monetisation over existing XR solutions.

In addition, these multiple areas of R&D and innovation will come via the chain of compatibility from Content (accessories data) to XR equipment, to 5G device, to cloud infrastructure.



5G LBXR Workflow scenarios to explore:

*Content & IP:

  • Combine VR gaming (Park Playground), AR gaming (Hado) and esports (ESL) streaming platform (Weaver) to enrich the content and improve spectator experience 
  • Use advance facial capture, live animation (Noitom) and potentially a live virtual studio to improve spectator immersion and interaction

*5G Solutions:

  • Test and validate 5G’s connectivity towards XR equipment via different 5G devices (Vodafone, Telenet)
  • Build streaming solution from cloud infrastructure to XR equipment for different XR content (Nvidia)
  • Provide access to 5G networks and cloud infrastructures from user case locations to multiple locations across Europe, as well as other potential locations around the world

*User Experience:

  • Players can play content via 5G streaming
  • Spectators can watch and interact via Weaver platform with new features, e.g. Live Animated Avatar

*5G & Cloud:

  • An aligned network & cloud SLA across locations & operators
  • POC will test with as diversified 5G devices as possible, but at least one device solution should work for all

*XR Equipment:

  • As generic & vendor agnostic as possible

2021 Champions:

2021 Participants:


Project Expertise Required? 

This project requires specialist vendor expertise in a variety of the above areas. To get involved or find out more please email the team at accelerators@ibc.org   

Exhibitors include: