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3 - 6 December 2021

5G & Innovation in Live Workflows

5G & Innovation in Live Workflows


What’s the Challenge objective?

The objective of this Challenge is to explore innovation in these areas and the impact for live production to include connectivity and new forms of IP production

As we move to IP and cloud-based production, we see a number of emerging technology solutions being offered.  The risk is that development may proceed as islands of technologies, without interoperability and the ability to function across multiple platforms at different scales. As such, the risk is a fractured market as we focus on small step innovations. We need to look at the workflows as a whole to give production teams the best options dependant on their requirements, budget and scale.

What’s the innovation?

Our solution will demonstrate as a Proof of Concept, an open workflow where you can connect from anywhere and run your production processes how you want and where you want. The impact and significance of this challenge is that it will enable us to choose how we connect and where we run our services. This will join together several areas of investigation into an end-to-end workflow run across multiple platforms.

Key workstreams within the project, and areas to be explored are:

Low Earth Orbit Satellite (LEO) led by BBC.

Low Earth Orbit Satellite (LEO) led by BBC.


  • Rollout timescale for general use
  • Bandwidths, latency and contention metrics
  • How location, environment, weather could impact 
  • Possible use cases
  • Kit required on the ground to utilise
5G in a Box/ Private Networks, led by BT Sport/ TV2.

5G in a Box/ Private Networks, led by BT Sport/ TV2.


  • Continuation of the 2020 %G & Remote Production Accelerator
  • How close we are to seeing deployment?
  • Scalability
  • Usage of mmWave
  • Different architectures
  • Practical limitations, licences etc
Multi-Access Edge Computing, led by OBS and ViacomCBS.

Multi-Access Edge Computing, led by OBS and ViacomCBS.


  • IaaS:  blueprints for deployments for events/temporary service addressing: provisioning, networking, security
  • Application Layer for video – reduce latency, in-venue service, …
  • Business case scenarios – for Venue owners, for event organizers, for broadcasters
  • Public vs Private Edge cloud, integration and provisioning – hybrid cloud – also a topic for “Multiple Cloud Deployments”
  • Contribution v Distribution
Multiple Cloud Deployments, led by BBC.

Multiple Cloud Deployments, led by BBC.


  • How are broadcast vendors making tools cloud agnostic?  (Broadcasters should have the choice of where they put systems - on the flip side, not care - genuine SaaS - it just works).
  • Diversity for platforms to build resilience against outages, security threats. 
  • Scalability Choice of cloud location for Intellectual Property considerations.
  • Challenges - skills, egress charges etc.
  • Local v MEC v Public v Private

2021 Champions:

2021 Participants:


Project Expertise Required?

This project requires specialist vendor expertise in each of the above areas. To get involved, register your interest below, or email the team accelerators@ibc.org  

Exhibitors include: