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Accelerator Media Innovation Programme

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IBC ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME 2022 – Call for Challenges 

A fast-track Innovation framework for the media & entertainment eco-system 

IBC’s highly acclaimed media innovation programme is back for 2022, starting with our call for challenges & project submissions!  

IBC created the Accelerator programme in 2019, to support the media & entertainment industry with a framework for agile, collaborative and fast-track innovation through a multi-company project-based approach to solving complex media and entertainment business and technology challenges.  

If you have a challenge in mind and would like to kickstart an innovation project, please make sure you enter by completing the submission form below and submitting by the deadline of Friday 18th February 2022

Full background information on the IBC Accelerators can be found here:

IBC Accelerator Programme & Process Overview Deck                2022 Submission Form                Accelerator FAQs             

More than 80 organisations participated in the Accelerator programme in 2021 as Champions and Participants in eight projects, including AP, Al Jazeera, BBC, BT Sport, EBU, ITV, Meta, Olympic Broadcasting Services, AWS, RTÉ, Sky, SVT, TV2, Microsoft, Audible, Yle and many others. Projects addressed challenges in areas such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, CG Animation and VFX workflows and IP transition.    

Find out more about the highly successful projects in 2021 below. 

Following completion and submission of your project proposal, IBC will evaluate all and if successful, invite you to pitch your proposed challenge and team at its Kickstart event in the first quarter of 2022.  

Submit your 2022 project challenge today!

A fast-track Innovation framework for the media & entertainment ecosystem

The IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme will showcase boundary-breaking live demonstrations along with discussions with participants about each of their challenges and solutions.

This year’s champions include Al Jazeera Media Networks, Associated Press, the BBC, ITV, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Sky and WarnerMedia, to name just a few. Eighty-five companies are participating overall to develop innovative solutions focused on key trends, such as 5G, AI and sustainability in live production.

IBC created the Accelerator programme in 2019 to support the media & entertainment industry with a framework for agile, collaborative, fast-track innovation, through a multi-company project-based approach to solving complex, common media and entertainment challenges.

The IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme can be viewed on demand on IBC Digital.

2021 Participants & Champions include: