With a shell scheme space you are getting a ready-to-use stand. Perfect if you need to turn-up-and-show in the shortest time possible without any hassle. The package provides a shell - walls, carpet, spotlights and power socket - creating the perfect background for you to add as necessary. 

The minimum size for a shell scheme is 9m² and all stand walls are 2.75m high.

Shell Scheme Rate Includes:

  • White melamine walls
  • One company name and stand number on the front fascia panel per stand
  • Blue carpet (tiles)
  • 1 rail with two spotlights (PAR30) for each 9m²
  • One 230 V, 6 A electrical power socket for each 9m²
  • Cost of power consumption for the spotlights, the illumination of the company name and the power socket(s)
  • Basic stand cleaning
  • Inclusion in the IBC Exhibitor List, the IBC Mobile App and other IBC promotional material where possible
  • 100-word profile in the online IBC Exhibitor List
  • Inclusion in the online product locator
  • Unlimited customer tickets - free entry to the exhibition for your customers (available in the Exhibitor Zone)
  • A wide range of sponsorship, promotional and event opportunities throughout the show
  • Access to the registered press list (available in the E-Zone)
  • Opportunity to submit editorial and press releases to the IBC Show Daily and IBCTV (the official daily publication and news programme of IBC) and via the online press releases



£ per sqm










We have created two separate online booking forms - one for if you will be both completing and signing the booking form yourself, and one for if you will be completing it but someone else is required to sign it. To begin your application for IBC2019, please decide which is applicable for you and click on the relevant button.