Mobile news gathering using AI powered compression

Al Jazeera, RTÉ, BBC and Associated Press, with project participants V-Nova, Aviwest & Tech Mahindra are currently working to empower their Newsrooms and Journalists through improved intelligence for the mobile reporter in the field and faster time-to-air for both Lives and Pre-Recorded content through leveraging AI, techniques for improved bandwidth utilisation, exploiting advanced compression techniques.

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Project Overview

This proof of concept Catalyst project aims to improve efficiencies of bandwidth utilization using advanced compression and encoding to empower journalists in the field. The project will harness state-of-the-art AI powered video compression, rendering and encoding techniques to potentially accelerate transmission of mobile video time-to-air for both live and pre-recorded news content in the face of fluctuating and often unreliable mobile network coverage.

Utilising live feeds, to accelerate speed of transmission utilising image & video compression to achieve:

  • Increased speed of transmission from field to on-air
  • Prove better reliability on-air over unreliable networks
  • Create better images at very low bandwidth