AI indexing for regulatory practice

Al Jazeera, RTÉ, and Associated Press, with project participants V-Nova, Metaliquid, QCRI & Tech Mahindra are currently exploring ways to intelligently automate the identification of on-air content using AI, in order to measure and report against metrics set by external regulatory bodies, as well as for accurate measurement of internal editorial, creative and technical standards.

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Project Overview

This project has a first objective of overperforming generic AI indexing solutions in terms of efficiency and/or accuracy, by combining a media-specific face/object detection and recognition algorithm with an innovative multi-resolution compression format. This project has a dual scope:

1)  Foundation stage – a key aim is to make indexing faster and more accurate by combining custom AI algorithms with innovative data formats, unlocking savings and real-time/live applications.

2)  A Compliance Use Case (Fact-Checking/News Coverage/Political Bias Detection)