Media Innovation Accelerator Projects

Media Innovation Accelerator Projects, the Media-Telecom Catalysts

The worlds of media and telecoms are converging, OTT's like Netflix and Amazon are disrupting the entire media ecosystem, audience viewing platforms are fragmenting and the race is on to deploy immersive technologies. Making the most of this convergence requires brand new thinking to exploit the opportunities and new technology available and requires collaboration between the media and telecoms industries. 

IBC, with a vast community of international broadcast, media and entertainment organisations is collaborating with the TM Forum, which represents more than 850 global communication service providers and their suppliers. Together we are bringing TM Forum's highly successful collaborative Media-Telecom Catalysts programme to the converging media-telecoms value chain.

Showcasing everything from AI to 5G, and from news gathering to smart tourism, make sure you visit the Media-Telecoms Catalyst Zone in Hall 9, included in your IBC Exhibition Visitor Pass. See it differently. 




"We believe that if you unlock the capabilities of those two industries by getting them to collaborate we can actually get them to move the world forward faster, we can deliver better services, better quality experience for users and start to unlock some really exciting uses for new technologies."

Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum

From AI to 5G and from tourism to mobile news-gathering,
Media-Telecom Catalysts will explore the latest trends at IBC2020

Media Innovation Accelerator Projects, the Media-Telecom Catalysts will bring together buyers and end users (Champions) and solutions and technology providers (Participants) from across the media and telco space to collaboratively develop proof-of-concept projects. 

Demonstrating how some of the latest and most innovative tech can be used to solve the challenges caused by the convergence of the media and telecoms industries - this NEW feature is not to be missed at IBC2019. 

Make sure you visit the Media-Telecoms Catalyst Zone in Hall 9, included in your IBC Exhibition Visitor Pass. 

Media Innovation Accelerator Projects

Mobile news gathering using AI powered compression


Media-Telecom Catalyst Programme Champions and Participants

Webinar: Media-Telecom Catalysts: Accelerating innovation across the value chain

This special webinar will fully outline and explain the Media-Telecom Catalysts programme and, importantly, how you can get involved in this fast track innovation programme to showcase your leading role in developing and designing solutions to address some of the current media & entertainment industry challenges.

Existing Media-Telecom Catalyst teams are now seeking new companies to participate! Join now to become part of a team that will co-design and co-create practical solutions for digital transformation and accelerate your R&D in the process.

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