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11 - 15 September 2020
RAI Amsterdam 

Donation Room

Donation Room

Donation Room

Donation Room

IBC launch post show waste donation programme

This year IBC will have a donation programme for exhibitors immediately after the show. 

From 16:30 to 18:00 on Tuesday the 17th September, exhibitors are invited to donate unwanted items to the donation room which will be passed onto a series of good causes across the Netherlands. Anything from unwanted food, furniture, stand decorations, office supplies will be sorted by the donation team and redistributed to worthy charities. A list of suggested donation items is below.

How your company can be involved

 It is very easy to take part, simply follow these steps:  

  1. Take the items you wish to donate to the Exhibitor Services desks at Entrance C and Entrance K
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Present to a staff member to be assessed and tested

Please note: Items can only be donated from 16:30-18:00 on Tuesday 17 September at the beginning of the breakdown of the exhibition.

Donation items

FOOD Any food that can be kept at room temperature, e.g. bread, pastries or unopened tins, jars and bottles

FURNITURE Tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, decorative items

FLORAL Arrangements, potted plants, flowers

ELECTRONICS TVs, iPads, overhead projectors, computers

DECORATION Plastic plants/flowers, plastic decoration material

MAGAZINES (Dutch) Magazines such as Ons Amsterdam, ANWB, animal magazines, gossip magazines, glossies

BAGS Paper, linen, jute and cotton bags

OFFICE SUPPLIES Pens, pencils and notebooks

HOBBY MATERIALS Painting and craft materials for hobbyists

If you wish to donate something not included in the list, please discuss the options with the staff at the Exhibitor Services desks – whether or not it can be accepted will depend on the product in question.

Like to know where your items will end up?

Here is an overview of the social initiatives connected to the programme.

The Food Bank

Provides food packages for people with no money for groceries. Food is not purchased – it is obtained from surpluses and donations, reducing food waste and the burden on the environment. The Food Bank accepts any food kept at room temperature.


A countrywide volunteer organisation which helps people improve their situation on their own by providing materials such as furniture and electronics.

Salvation Army Bij Bosshardt Amsterdam Noord

A neighbourhood meeting place where everyone is welcome. People go there for a cup of coffee, a listening ear, a cosy meal or various other activities. The community centre can use a range of different products from furniture and electronics to office supplies and bags.

Vivium Torendael

Focuses on nursing care for people with dementia. They strive to improve the quality of life of the people in their modern nursing home by providing residential support, nursing care and improved life quality to help lead normal lives. The community centre can use a range of different products for example artificial flowers and plants, books and plastic decorations.


Cordaan helps, young and old, who needs nursing, care, guidance and/or support for a short or long period to remain independent for as long as possible, preferably at home, or at least in an environment where they feel safe.

Cordaan accept furniture, real and artificial plants & flowers, and other decorative items, furniture.

ROC Amsterdam

This institute provides secondary vocational education at nine modern schools in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Hilversum, each with its own courses and specialisms.

ROC accepts materials that they can use in the development of their students, such as electronic applications.  

Pure South

Residents of the Zuid district can turn to PuurZuid with questions or advice and assistance related to welfare, social work and debt counselling.

Pure South accept decorative items such as paint and craft materials that can be used for group activities in their meeting room.