GB Labs

GB Labs

GB Labs is the global leader in intelligent and scalable shared storage to power and protect your creative workflows. From live-streaming, editing 4K/8K video and data, to post-production and long-term archive, GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable, and incredibly FAST and FLEXIBLE solutions.

As a result of two decades of successful sales and development, GB Labs is now established as a trusted and known brand for creating intelligent media storage solutions for all media establishments including e-sports.
Regardless of a production’s geographic location or size of team, GB Labs has an optimised solution that will empower its creative workflow.

Any interesting new developments your company is involved within the esports arena, particularly anything that may be visible on your stand.
Attendees will get the chance to see Unify Hub and Nebula in action, exploring the features that lead to extraordinary remote work performance capabilities. The combination of these lead to a truly secure, global, accelerated workflow. No matter where you work, the storage performance and accessibility will be the same, increasing speed and performance whilst keeping costs down. Allowing for easy and fast production, post and streaming of e-sports events to the millions.

Any additional information that you think might be interesting and relevant. key information like case studies, PRs and webinars are available in one place.

We are looking into more e-sports clientele to sit alongside our impressive live-sports production.