Intinor AB

Intinor AB


Intinor develops products and solutions to carry high quality video over the internet. Celebrating 20 years of excellence in the industry in 2023.

Steven “Claw” Jalicy, Director, Streaming & Broadcast Distribution - ESL FACEIT Group [EFG] said, “We wanted a solution that could dynamically scale and deliver high quality and high reliability without generating out of control service costs and technology bottlenecks. Furthermore, we wanted the future capacity and potential to merge our online and linear workflows into a single ecosystem” “The Intinor equipment is cheaper then any of its competitors but it’s also the highest quality I’ve seen.”
1) The name and position of the person at your stand who will be the point of contact for the people on the tour.
Daniel Lundstedt, head of sales and marketing.

2) A brief synopsis of how your services link into the esports industry.
Intinor develops encoders (Direkt link) and decoder (Direkt receiver or router) for sending high quality video over the internet.
Direkt links are used to input SDI/NDI, encode the signal and send to twitch or similar, at the same time the unit can also send to broadcast partners. The Direkt link can have multiple channels of encoding to allow different bitrates, resolutions or latencies for different partners. The Direkt receiver or router is used for receiving video over the internet and output this to SDI/NDI. The Router can also be used for re-transmission.

3) Any interesting new developments your company is involved within the esports arena, particularly anything that may be visible on your stand.
We talk a lot about multi-vendor interoperability and giving our customers the ability to use multiple different protocols. Having different protocols, for example SRT and RIST, allows our customers to send the signal to partners with receivers/decoders from different manufactures. Another important feature that we are showcasing is stream synchronisation, this is a key feature for remote production workflow.

4) Any additional information that you think might be interesting and relevant.
SVT (Swedish national public television broadcaster) was the first customer of ours doing an esports event. This was back in 2012.