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Creative Production Workflow Tour

Creative Production Workflow Tour



Stephen Tallamy

Stephen Tallamy - EditShare CTO 

As EditShare’s CTO, Stephen works closely with globally distributed engineering teams setting technical direction, advocating best practice, driving quality improvements, and defining the approach for selection and adoption of new technologies.

He has significant experience in the media and entertainment industry and has pioneered cloud and hybrid systems for both media delivery and production industries. Stephen holds patents in the areas of metadata management, intelligent video content generation and video access control. 

Jon Wardle

Jon Wardle - NFTS

Jon is currently the Director of the National Film and Television School, joining in 2012. He spent five years as Deputy Director of the NFTS and for ten years previously, worked at Bournemouth University in a variety of senior roles.  

During his career Jon has worked as a consultant for Creative Skillset, developed courses with companies as diverse as Aardman, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe and the BBC and he is also the author of a number of papers and book chapters on media education.  

Annually, Jon leads the BFI Film Academy Talent Campus Residential. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the National Association of Television Production Executives (NATPE), he is on the Royal Television Society Education Committee.  

He has a BA (Hons) in Television Production, an MBA and a Doctorate of Education. 


Filip Milovanovic, Media Engineer, ELEMENTS 

Filip is a media engineer with extensive experience and a passion for video creation and post-production workflows. After showing interest in exploration of all facets of digital media from an early age, it was clear that his profession will lie on the crossing of media creation and the technology that powers it. Receiving an engineering degree in media technology has strengthened his technical knowledge and solidified the analytical approach to media-related challenges.

During the years in the roles ranging from film editor to technical post-production manager, Filip has had the opportunity to use ELEMENTS products and be in close contact with the people who developed them. “The experience of working with these solutions have convinced me that ELEMENTS absolutely knows what video professionals need and has a way of making even the most complex processes easy.”, says Filip. 

His belief in the ELEMENTS’ approach to media storage has led him to join the company in 2018. Since then, Filip is dedicated through a number of different roles to sculpting ELEMENTS into the greatest media storage company in the World. 


Jeremy Hochman

Jeremy Hochman – CEO and Founder Megapixel VR – GhostFrame Partner 

Jeremy Hochman is a designer and entrepreneur who made tech history when co-founding Element Labs in 2002, launching the creative LED industry. Developing LED products that graced award-winning music videos, concert tours, and Super Bowl Halftime Shows, Element Labs became an industry leader and a constant industry disruptor. Hochman soon became highly sought after to create custom designs for iconic artists ranging from Beyoncé to David Fincher, to James Turrell. In 2010, Barco acquired Element Labs, where Hochman continued to develop LED products.  

Founding Megapixel in 2017, Hochman has already established the company as the authority on developing bleeding-edge LED technology and video processing. Through Megapixel, he is currently collaborating with leading designers and architects to incorporate these technologies into some of the most ambitious projects worldwide. 

An active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Hochman divides his time between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. 


Victor Kortekaas

Victor Kortekaas – Technical Director ROE Visual Eu – GhostFrame Partner 

Trained initially as an electro-engineer and equipped with a massive experience gained over many years operating as a technical production manager, Victor is the go-to person for technical support issues, project support, research & development, and training. With a passion for making things work and a knack for making complex matters simple and easy to understand, Victor always goes the extra mile to find a fitting solution. Diving deep into the virtual production technology and translating his profound knowledge on LED behavior for LED processing, camera, and media server manufacturers, he is one of the main driving forces behind the GhostFrame technology. In between, he finds time to act as a source of information and support for the ROE Visual and GhostFrame customer base working on large-scale projects or in film or XR studios. 

Max von Braun

Max von Braun – Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer AGS AG - GhostFrame Partner 

Max von Braun is the creator of the patented “Dynamic Content Multiplication” (DCM) Technology. It allows for displaying content on LED boards that is invisible to the naked eye. With a development time of two years, this fundamentally new approach has opened several new areas like, e.g., live-sport, where the application “Parallel Ads” is already in constant use worldwide. 

Aside from sports orientated applications, such as the UEFA broadcasts, von Braun has is also working to create groundbreaking features for the media industry. The development around “GhostFrame” has been one of the most exciting topics this year. 

Thorsten Mika

Thorsten Mika - owner and Managing Director TrackMen GmbH - GhostFrame Partner 

Involved in inventing real-time tracking solutions for live broadcasts from the initial stages, Thorsten started creating solutions for virtual broadcast graphics as far back as 1997. Beginning at the German National Research Center, Thorsten’s first spin-off company was based on creating application-specific solutions in the field of 3D camera and object tracking, a specialization that forms the common thread in his career. Based on his profound expertise in this field, Thorsten founded TrackMen to focus on and specialize in tracking applications in the world of Broadcast and Film, with a few side-steps in other industries that require reliable and accurate tracking solutions. 


Alex Timbs, Business Development Manager, Media and Entertainment - Dell Technologies

Alex is a former Head of IT for Animal Logic, one of the world's leading animation and VFX studios, with technology teams in Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles. He has extensive experience dealing with the challenges of real-time high-performance data management, storage, resilience and redundancy, in modern, nonlinear Animation and VFX Pipelines. 

Alex has delivered multiple high-density containerized data centres, virtualized infrastructure and dealt with enormous growth and contraction during the production of many award-winning animated and VFX features. Alex is extremely passionate about bridging the gap between Technology and Art, as he feels that neither exists without the other in the modern context. Understanding that true business value can only be uncovered by first establishing trust and answering the "Why". 

Alex joined the Dell Technologies Team to help customers and industry look beyond standard strategies for managing large-scale data challenges." 


Aidan Sarsfield, Head of Production Technology, Animal Logic 

In his career at Award-winning visual effects and animation studio Animal Logic, Aidan Sarsfield has spent almost 20 years manipulating cutting edge technology to meet the creative needs of large-scale CGI pipelines. Having joined the company's film division in 1999 following a successful career as a freelance industrial designer, his credits include The LEGO® Batman Movie, The LEGO® Movie, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Happy Feet, Matrix: Reloaded and Moulin Rouge! 

As Head of Production Technology, Aidan’s key focus is on the ongoing evolution of the Animal Logic VFX and Animation pipelines. He has a keen interest in emerging technologies especially those that could impact storytelling or fundamentally change the way we collaborate. From the developing fields of VR and AR, to the possibilities that lie in the crossover between artificial intelligence and creativity, Aidan is passionate about how creative teams and technology combine to undertake large-scale creative endeavours. 


Matt Allard, Director of Strategic Alliances, Media and Entertainment - Dell Technologies 

Matt joined the Dell Precision workstations team in July 2018 to lead strategic alliances for the Media and Entertainment industry, working closely with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), customers and technology partners. He has more than 20 years of experience within the tech sector, and prior to Dell, he held marketing and product management roles at Autodesk, Avid Technology, Schneider Electric, Microsoft Softimage, Media 100 and X-Rite.  Matthew lives with his family in the greater Boston area and loves movies, seafood and checking out live bands. 

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Like the rest of the world, the media production industry is embracing remote working. One of the key challenges of collaborating remotely is managing content. 

This is where EditShare is invaluable. 

EditShare’s EFS storage and FLOW MAM facilitate secure, remote collaboration and content management. Users can continue to use the creative tools that they know and love with workflow automation to simplify the storytelling process. 

EditShare supports productions of all sizes and complexities, on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. Robust APIs allow customers to augment their media ecosystem to enable new workflows and revenue opportunities.  


GhostFrame makes the impossible possible. 

Virtual production has boomed, fueling the development of other new technologies. With LED green screen replacements barely through their infancy, GhostFrame is revolutionizing the technique, simplifying the production workflow and capitalizing on production time. GhostFrame is a collaboration of AGS, Megapixel VR, and ROE Visual. In this Workflow Tour, we’ll introduce you to the magic of GhostFrame. How the GhostFrame features, combining the strengths and possibilities of LED and camera technology, are enabled and how you can use them to your benefit for your broadcast or film production.  

Here’s a glimpse into the future of production. 


Furthering the track record for constant innovation through bold steps, ELEMENTS introduces an all-new file system to the Media and Entertainment industry – BeeGFS. Developed by Germany’s Fraunhofer Center for High Performance Computing and designed to power supercomputers, BeeGFS will enable us to build highly efficient cloud and on-premise storage environments and benefit from high-performance Ethernet workflows with revolutionary on-demand cloud possibilities. 

When put to the ultimate test of the SPEC SFS VDA Benchmark, ELEMENTS BOLT environment with BeeGFS achieved the highest performance score ever recorded by the benchmark. 


Animal Logic’s head of production technology Aidan Sarsfield sits down with Dell Technologies’ business development manager Alex Timbs to discuss the impact of remote work on creativity, how Animal Logic uses Universal Scene Description (USD) and Automation to empower their creatives in workflows that span Sydney, Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC and how emerging technologies like NVIDIA’s Omniverse will shape the future of storytelling. 

Animal Logic is recognized as one of the world’s leading independent creative digital studios, producing award winning design, visual effects and animation for 30 years. 


Performance workstations and monitors for creative production workflows 

Join Matt Allard, Director of Strategic Alliances for Dell Technologies, for a quick review of workflow trends in creative production and postproduction and how they are impacting technology requirements. 

The expansion of use of virtual production and virtual filmmaking techniques is changing the nature of on-set technology necessary to drive LED walls at scale and in sync with cameras. Plus, the advance in processing power in mobile workstations is opening new workflow possibilities on-set. 

In postproduction, learn about new monitors designed to meet the demands of current postproduction workflows including HDR.