The potential of AR for the future of sports

13 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
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We are now seeing the birth of a video format that will radically change the way television can be experienced: Augmented Reality (AR). Thanks to the combination of new recording and new display technologies, such as AR, viewers will soon be able to view, for example, a sporting event from any angle, moving freely over the arena as if they were a bird.'

To see what the future of sports entertainment looks like, Accedo recently created an AR experience for live tennis. In addition to unique AR features such as exploring the tennis arena and getting up close and personal with the tournament trophies, Accedo also partnered with a company that records holographic videos to make use of holographic video capture to show a tennis game in true AR'meaning the viewer can move freely over the tennis court and view the game from any distance and any angle as they wish.'

This session will discuss the potential of AR for sports, as well as detailing the recent tennis project.