The importance of diversity of thought: Neurodiversity in the media and tech industries

16 Sep 2019
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Neurodiversity - naturally occurring variations in the human brain leading to different ways of viewing the world, such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD, among others has gained particular prominence within the diversity discussion in recent years, particularly in the context of employment and the business case for diversity. But why? Neurodivergent employees exist in every field, but Neurodiversity is particularly relevant to the media and tech fields. The skills and talents of certain autistic individuals in the field of IT is well known; less well-known is that a plurality of autistic people, according to research, have an interest in working with the creative and media sector, and already make up a large proportion of the sector’s employees. More and more media and tech firms are also waking up to the benefits of diversity of thought - one of the key advantages that being neurodivergent can bring to their businesses, including better decision-making and reaching and better understanding wider demographics. This session is an opportunity to hear from neurodivergent individuals working in the media and tech fields, representatives of key businesses making a difference for neurodiversity internally, and organisations working across media and tech to make the business case for hiring neurodiverse talent known.
Diane Lightfoot, CEO - Business Disability Forum
Jonathan Andrews, Associate - Reed Smith
Sarah Barnes, People & Culture Director - Bauer Media
Surya Ramkumar - Microsoft