The Associated Press and Fincons: unbundling content for new products creation

14 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere

The news distribution world has been disrupted by digital transformation and social media. In this evolving market, The Associated Press is innovating its business model with the introduction of a new software tool which enables the unbundling and repackaging of content based on several criteria and improves product and price definition, thus engaging with customers in an innovative and more personalized way and driving the transition toward a client-centric approach.

Fincons Group, an award-winning IT consulting company with more than 35 years of experience and highly specialized in the media industry, supported The Associated Press in defining a new business model and in the launch of the new software platform on time and on budget.

Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO of Fincons Group, and Gianluca D'Aniello, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at AP, will share the ambitious goals and concrete results of the succesful "Product & Price Console" project.
Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO Fincons Group and CEO Fincons.US - Fincons Group