The AI/ML effect

17 Sep 2019
The Forum
Manage: Automating Media Supply Chains

This session will examine the drivers behind the growth of AI/ML in content preparation and management as we move into a multi-platform world, with its compelling requirement for greater efficiency, speed, and agility. The focus will be on the strategic and practical implications of AI/ML adoption at the intersection of content and technology, from the automation of routine workflows in managing content to the deployment of cloud-based technology. Opening with a brief overview of the growth of AI/ML based on research data, the session will then feature case studies from two major proponents of AI/ML, and conclude with a short panel discussion.

Lorenzo Zanni, Head of Insight & Analysis - IABM
Léonard Bouchet, Head of Data and Archives - RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Carlos Octavio, Director Architecture and Business Partnership - TV Globo