Tech Talk: Know your audience

15 Sep 2019
Monetise: Scaling Audiences and Revenues

Advertising is a financial pillar of the media industry; and personalised targeted advertising is the jewel in the crown. Increasingly dominated by a handful of large companies, capturing, exploiting and managing personalised data continues to present challenges. In this Tech Talk it’s not what you say it’s the way that you say it – learn how voice interface recommendation knows more than you say.  You will also hear from a platform operator on how subtle nuances in your content portfolio can map to actionably different viewer behaviours – a not to be missed insight into niche VoD.  And learn about a solution to securing both privacy and your data (know-how) when you need to work with others on a distributed, collaborative recommendation system.

Papers being presented:

  • Understanding the effect of content type on the value of OTT audiences - Forest Conner
  • Networked Collaborative Recommendation Architecture - Ville Ollikainen
  • Leveraging Acoustic Information for Enhanced Personalization in the Entertainment Domain - Charlie Bonfield
Regina Bernhaupt, User Experience Research Director - RUWIDO
Ville Ollikainen, Senior Scientist - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Forest Conner, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Growth Strategy - Vimeo
Charlie Bonfield , Data Scientist - TiVo (Personalized Content Discovery)