Tech Talk: 'Hey radio, tell the DJ I'm stuck in traffic'

14 Sep 2019
The Forum
Publish: Embracing the Platform Revolution

In the UK, 88% of the adult population listen to the radio each week, consuming over 1 billion hours. But how is new technology impacting this traditional sector? In this Tech Talk we will explore voice interfaces that deliver interactive personalised radio, a cloud-based live production and playout system - controlled straight from your browser, as well as tools to help your radio station respond to an ever demanding, interactive audience - you did ask them to get in touch!

Papers being presented:

  • Flexible Virtualization of Radio production and playout - Jorma Kivelä
  • Marconi: Towards an integrated, intelligent radio production platform - Rik Bauwens
  • Evolution of Radio Services in the Era of Voice-Controlled Digital Assistants - Paolo Casagranda


Supporting paper: 

  • DAB over IP – AlexanderErk, Senior Engineer, Institute for Rundfunktechnik
Dickon Ross, Editor in Chief - Engineering & Technology magazine
Paolo Casagranda, R&D Area Coordinator - Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana SpA
Jorma Kivela, CTO, Co-founder - Jutel Oy
Rik Bauwens, Lead Developer - VRT