Tech Talk: 'Good film choice - should be with you next Wednesday'

14 Sep 2019
Tech Talk Extra

Fortunately, those days are long gone - and you’d be forgiven for thinking that media delivery (transmission) technology is largely done - but it isn’t. The seemingly exponential growth in video consumption remains a constant challenge to the limited available bandwidth. In this Tech Talk you will learn why 3GPP has created a new Media Streaming Architecture for 5G, the services it enables and who benefits; and long-live terrestrial broadcasting as new innovations enable 4K/8K UHDTV delivery and regional programme variations in an SFN (Single Frequency Network).

Papers being presented:

  • Regional contents in a national DVB-T2 SFN: a novel approach based on DVB-SIS - Vittoria Mignone
  • A study on transmission scheme for advanced ISDB-T and verification by large-scale field experiments in Japan - Noriyuki Shirai
  • 5G Media Streaming Architecture - Frederic Gabin


Supporting Papers:

  • Full duplex DOCSIS & Extended Spectrum DOCSIS Hold Hands to Form the 10G Cable Network of the Future - Frank O'Keeffe, Distinguished Systems Engineer, CTO Office ARRIS International plc
  • 5G for Broadcasters - New Opportunites for Distribution and Content - Andrew Murphy, Lead Research Engineer, BBC



Darren Fawcett, VP Technology Solutions - ARRIS
Frédéric Gabin, Standardization Manager Media / 3GPP SA4 Chairman - Ericsson
Noriyuki Shirai, Research engineer - Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
Vittoria Mignone, Senior Researcher - Rai