Tech Talk: Forging the next generation of 360° entertainment

16 Sep 2019
Tech Talk Extra

360° entertainment has come of age and has enthralled us with its capabilities, but where will it take us next? In this Tech Talk we shall explore its social application - how do I meet my distant friends and share our experiences in a common space? We shall discover how psychology researchers measure the depth to which VR users are immersed. And we shall find out how the new omnidirectional media format (OMAF) allows network-based processing and streaming for such features as multiple points of view. Join us to hear from the researchers who are forging the future of VR.

Papers being presented:

  • The Immersive Audience Experience Evaluation Toolkit - Jonathan Freeman
  • OMAF4Cloud: Standards-ENABLED 360° video Creation as a Service - Yu You
  • Everyday photo-realistic social VR: Communicate and collaborate with an enhanced co-presence and immersion - Simon Gunkel

Suporting paper:

  • Comparative analysis of real-time multi-view reconstruction of sign language interpreter - Robin Ribback, Head of Innovation Management, SRG-SwissTXT
Simon Gauntlett, Director of Imaging Standards and Technology - Dolby
Simon Gunkel, R&D Scientist - TNO
Jonathan Freeman, Managing Director & Professor of Psychology - i2 media research limited & Goldsmiths University
Yu You, Principal Engineer - Nokia Technologies