Tech Talk: Encoding immersion

14 Sep 2019
Tech Talk Extra

As we strive to immerse our audience using ever finer detail, in either a captured, synthetic or hybrid reality - new coding tools are required to efficiently represent that information. In this Tech Talk you will see cutting-edge real-time decoding and AR playback on a mobile device of MPEG’s brand-new Video Point Cloud Compression, learn how to encode ultra-high resolution content for the diversity of emerging immersive presentation theatres, as well as find out if MPEG-5 really is the solution to the compression wars.

Papers being presented:

  • Real-time decoding and AR playback of the emerging MPEG video-based point cloud compression standard - Sebastian Schwarz
  • Advanced video compression and rendering for highly immersive 8K+ applications - Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa
  • The emerging MPEG-5 EVC standard - applications, technology and results - Jonatan Samuelsson
Ken McCann, Director - Zetacast
Jonatan Samuelsson, Co-founder and CEO - Divideon
Sebastian Schwarz, Research Leader- Volumetric Video Coding - Nokia Technologies
Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa, CEO - Spin Digital