Tech Talk: Preserving Lebanon’s film heritage: A case study

13 Sep 2019
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Lebanon at the turn of the twentieth century was very active in movie production. Hundreds of movies over a period of 70 years were shot, some in black and white and others in colour. Since these movies were produced locally by individuals, there was no mechanism in place at the state level to preserve them, putting at risk a crucial part of the country’s cultural heritage.

A local film lab, Haroun Studios, established in the 1940s, recently uncovered a collection of trailers and incomplete prints from these movies, spanning predominantly Lebanese but also Syrian, Egyptian, Turkish and Indian movies.

In this Lounge Talk, you will hear about the technical aspects and difficulties encountered as this family business sought to digitally preserve this valuable film heritage for future generations in 4K.

Alex Milne Turner, Consultant - MTM
Mike Haroun, Managing Director - Haroun Studios