Tech Talk: Delivering great content to all Africans

16 Sep 2019
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With a growing population, increased connectivity and strong video consumption, expectations for African content are high, but sceptical. Both local and international producers and distributors are focused on Africa but where are the eyeballs, investment and revenues to build a vibrant content sector?

Pay-TV growth is steady, with improvements in connectivity and data affordability opening up new routes to audiences and revenues. Yet in a region of over 860mn people, across 46 countries spanning 30.3million square kilometres, how do you deliver content services that are relevant, engaging and viable?

This Lounge Talk looks at how to stimulate the local content industry to create and deliver Sub-Saharan Africans with high quality entertainment, relevant channel programming, and stimulate local production in a region rich with storytelling and talent as well as how to make that content available to audiences across the continent.

Alex Milne Turner, Consultant - MTM
Clare Kandola, CEO - Vidya Collective