Tech Talk: Personalised content: The next driver of sustained trends in fitness technology

15 Sep 2019
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In the multi-billion-dollar fitness industry, personalised content will be required to drive product innovation forward.

Today’s technology allows consumers to run on a treadmill in an exotic forest or follow a yoga instructor who posts free classes online.  However, as fitness technology evolves, weekend warriors and chiselled athletes will demand more and seek content that takes into account personalised goals and real time feedback.  At the end of 2018, the 10 most funded U.S. fitness start-ups had raised more than $1.6 billion.

In this Lounge talk the authors will examine the benefits and challenges of video content created for the fitness industry, as well as dissect the dichotomy between personalised fitness experiences and one-size-fits all.

Alex Milne Turner, Consultant - MTM
Scott Campbell, Strategy Consultant - Accenture
Gregory Shaw, Manager – Accenture Strategy, Communications, Media and Technology - Accenture