Rewind and play-back past incidents to increase Quality of Service.

16 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
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Quality of Service is paramount to a broadcaster's success in an ever-competitive streaming market. Touchstream's revolutionary and new feature for the OTT live stream monitoring market, Stream End-to-End Incident Playback ensures OTT content is available 24/7 so your customers have the highest quality experience all the time. Incident Playback service is an extension of our proprietary Stream End-to-End platform. With Incident Playback it is possible to "rewind" back-in-time to past incidents, allowing unprecedented insights. Operation teams are able to, at will, playback an incident in full or from any point in the streaming process giving them a clear picture of the live stream workflow and delivery chain in one, intuitive visualization. The tool mimics each network element, presenting an exact visual replica of the actual data - a much more granular way to examine problems that may have contributed to the slowdown or failure. This dramatically enhances the efficiency of any problem resolution and quickly. The ultimate goal for Incident Playback is to make operators' jobs easier so they can provide the best service possible.


Brenton Ough, CEO - Touchstream