Personalisation in the era of TV digitalisation

14 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere
Viewers can be overwhelmed by the amount of online content available, so they sometimes want a more "lean-back" TV viewing experience. Thanks to the rapid digitalization of TV? influenced by the growth of AI, automation and social platforms? both broadcasters and viewers can regain control through tailored content. By personalising the viewing experience, broadcasters can enhance their brand and content while engaging viewers with content that best suits their needs. The concept of TV has been transformed; broadcasters are unbundling their service technically in order to personalise, and conceptually unbundling it in order to capitalise across platforms. After all, the demand is there, as Edgeware's research with YouGov outlines (89% of adults across the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Mexico and Spain are interested in content aimed at their personal interests when watching traditional TV channels). Facing increasing competitive pressures from digital platforms geared around personalised programming, broadcasters must consider different ways of getting viewers to tune in. Edgeware's CPTO Johan Bolin can explore the technologies, from unicast to channel stitching, and the opportunities, from customer and content metadata to machine learning, that are accelerating the personalisation of linear TV to provide a more "lean-back" viewing experience.
Johan Bolin, Chief product and technology officer - Edgeware