P2P & Multisourcing: high-quality streaming at scale with client-side delivery technologies

13 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere
Growing audiences, higher resolutions and more immersive video bring both technical and business challenges. It is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver high-quality content to millions of viewers worldwide, especially where high-profile live events are concerned. Content publishers work tirelessly to scale their infrastructure to Zettabyte era traffic while providing users with an excellent experience. However, they often find that traditional server-side delivery falls short on both fronts. A client-side delivery approach meanwhile opens up the device itself into the delivery ecosystem, bringing it closer than ever to the content source and offering optimal quality to every viewer. In this demo we will showcase Streamroot's peer-to-peer technology that scales effortlessly to traffic spikes, as well as our client-side midstream multi-CDN load balancer.
Pierre-Louis Theron, CEO & Co-founder - Streamroot