Mobile streaming reinvented

16 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere
Available on iOS and Android as an SDK, this new solution is an enhanced video player with a patented video game-inspired user interface, which can also be plugged on many video players. On Rewind offers users new navigation on video content, so they are no longer passive in front of their screen, but really feel like playing with the content. This technological innovation transforms a phone into a joystick during a live or a replay streaming and gives access to an enriched timeline which displays highlights of the event in real time. In addition, the video player provides many additional features to increase the fan engagement such as an internal chat, live stats, multicam to select specific camera angles, social sharing, actions filter, push notifications (poll, trivia). It also provides non-intrusive monetization (merchandising, sponsorship, betting...). This solution can be used for OTT or as a venue player in a stadium to rewatch a moment from another camera angle. At a time when right holders are seeking to attract a younger audience to their content, the On Rewind solution addresses these issues by using the appropriate technology to meet the expectations of this new generation.