How to run a video war room: Real-Time QoE monitoring with Mux

16 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
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~Scenario: Interior, a war room, unfathomable graphs on the wall blinking. A twitter timeline is shown. Tweets start flying by complaining of buffering. A woman looks up from her laptop, under-lighting her face. A red phone rings; the CEO just experienced rebuffering. Woman: "Mother of god". A look of panic shoots across her face. She opens the Mux dashboard. Woman: "Oh, its just Akafrontly playing up again. Easy fix. Good thing the Mux Dashboard helps me see real time QoE data, and lets me drill down into what?''s causing the problems." She types furiously for a few seconds and the problem resolves. Friends and colleagues cheer. The woman is promoted, and the stock price doubles. Her husband cooks her favourite dinner that night and her children do their homework without complaining.
Cyril Duprat , Director of Business Development - Mux