How Content Value Management (CVM) is charging digital media monetisation

13 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere
Today's connected consumers are more demanding than ever before and the way forward to forge lasting customer connections is with progressive, data-driven content strategies. Entertainment organizations survive and thrive in this new competitive landscape need the flexibility to quickly adapt to shifts in the market and be ready to overcome obstacles when exploiting content on traditional VOD and emerging new Direct to Consumer (DTC) business models. The way content is described, how it's priced and positioned, when it's consumed, where it's consumed, and by what means? all need to be tracked and shared across the entertainment ecosystem in real-time. Discover how CVM bridges the gap between finance, operations, legal and sales/marketing to gain a competitive advantage, control costs and optimize content value.
Thomas Stilling, Head of Product - Mediamorph