Global Content Gamechangers: Creative challenges and digital giants

13 Sep 2019
The Forum
Keynotes & Global Gamechangers

As billions of Silicon Valley dollars flood in to the content production business, a new golden era of high-end programming is matched by the rise of low-budget and short-form commissions to stretch the creativity of producers. Broadcasters are snapping up producers in response, and as production companies merge, it's the age of the "super indie". Leaders of the most influential content studios ask:

• Are we at "peak content" and what happens next?
• Does creating content for a global SVOD audience change the rules of production?
• How are shifting funding models and extreme budgets disrupting the production business?
• Are established broadcasters losing out on the best content?

Claire Hungate, Ex CEO Brave Bison Group PLC and Ex CEO Warner Bros - TV Production UK
Jane Turton, CEO - All3Media
Lisa Opie, Managing Director, UK Production - BBC Studios