Gender equality: a media and business imperative

14 Sep 2019
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Public Service Media (PSM) is leading the way toward gender equality, with women making up 45% of all staff of EBU Members across 56 countries (higher than the overall audio-visual sector), and 31% of leadership of EU public service broadcasters, vs 6.5% of publicly listed companies. Gender equality is vital part of PSM’s creative mission, that is to reflect all audiences, and it is correlated to creative and economic performance.

The EBU, under the patronage of president Tony Hall and DG Noel Curran, is currently moderating a steering group of 11 members to identify successful policies for media operators for embracing and implementing gender equality in house, as employers.

This panel describes the finding of this group, leveraging their experience, data and knowledge to deliberate on what are the indispensable elements of an effective gender equality policy and how to implement it successfully.

Claudia Vaccarone, Senior Strategy Advisor - EBU
Tinatin Berdzenishvili, 1st Deputy Director General - GPB
Ladina Heimgartner, Deputy Director General - SRG SSR
Charlotte Niklasson, Director European Affairs - Nordvision