EasyBroadcast' services

13 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere
EasyBroadcast provides an end-to-end OTT streaming solution for broadcasters and enterprises. We are dedicated to help broadcasters develop their online content streaming business and to improve corporate communication through video. Our solutions cover the whole spectrum of content streaming components, from ingesting content to delivering it. It includes a fail safe CDN service based on our patented Viewer-assisted content distribution, a complete web and mobile CMS site with Ad insertion capabilities, an efficient HTML5 video player compatible with your different Ads formats, a mobile SDK and mobile applications for your clients, a back office for contents and Ads, and a dashboard for real time analytics on traffic. EasyBroadcast's patented hybrid streaming technology combines standard client-server model and a distributed Viewer-to-Viewer broadcasting model. Each viewer can act as a micro-server as soon as it receives segments of content. They are selected intelligently via geolocation and QoS matching algorithms to optimize connections and turn large audiences into assets. EasyBroadcast's technology will optimise your CDN bandwidth consumption and improve your revenues through a better quality of user experience.
Mohsen Haddad, Chief Revenue Officer - EasyBroadcast