Hollywood’s vision for the future of production in 2030

15 Sep 2019
The Forum

The major Hollywood studios and MovieLabs unveil their shared vision for the future of content production, post and creative technologies.

Technology leaders from all the major studios outline how they'll collaborate with partners, technology suppliers and service providers over the next ten years to transform the way content is created.
With Hollywood's track record of pioneering new technologies and creative approaches - from HDR to VFX to ACES - this session provides the first-ever discussion of the disruptive technologies and workflows that will become the new mainstream.

Randi Altman, Editor in Chief - postPerspective
Jim Helman, CTO - MovieLabs
Daphne Dentz, SVP Mastering & Production Technology - Warner Bros. Technology
Michael Wise, Chief Technology Officer - Universal Pictures
Bill Baggelaar, SVP of Technology, Production & Post Production Technologies - Sony Pictures Entertainment
Arjun Ramamurthy, SVP Technology - Disney