Digital media distribution solutions

13 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere
Katapy delivers consumer-facing digital media streaming solutions to any company with media distribution intent. Services include video hosting & streaming as well as application and channel build-out for all platforms including any internet addressable device - iOS and android, TV, and OTT. Deliver programming Live, Linear and as VOD. With Katapy, you get a similar consumer experience to what Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu offer to their subscribers, coupled with an extensive end-to-end on-boarding, curation, and delivery process that simplifies your digital distribution workflow. With Katapy, media providers enjoy full control over your content selection, your consumer engagement, monetization strategy, and your analytics. Katapy fully integrates into your existing media asset management system, offering both live and stored media workflows. Unique in its ability to offer an all-inclusive media distribution solutions with an unparalleled quality of service that was not achievable before, without years of custom development and outrageous budget.
Stuart Bishop, CEO - Co-founder - Katapy