Creating localised video content for global audiences

15 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere
Getting localised video content to global audiences effectively is a must for content owners. One piece of video shouldn't have to fit all, any more. Content owners know this and that's why they want to ensure their messages are appropriately targeted to each key, local market. During this session we will show you how Tellyo's latest set of features allow content owners to create localised video content to engage target markets through the local platforms these people want to use. First-hand you will see how: - editors can create clips and highlights with graphics, text and other effects to fit local social platforms or broadcast-level distribution requirements - clips and live streams can be delivered with audio tracks depending on audience preferences - publishing live clips can be scheduled to reach fans at the right time in their time zone - local audience interactions can be monetised. We will also demonstrate other capabilities that enable local teams to create targeted content while maintaining centrally-managed production workflows, as well as how to ensure the immediacy of content delivery by leveraging metadata to automate creation and publishing processes.
Richard Collins, CEO - Tellyo