Creating content for environmental change

13 Sep 2019
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Content creators are uniquely positioned to educate and influence their viewers on crucial global environmental issues. Last year’s release of Blue Planet II dramatically raised awareness of plastic pollution worldwide in what became known as the “Attenborough Effect”.

Meet other producers who are tackling issues like climate change, pollution and biodiversity through purposeful and compelling content, and learn from their successes and challenges as they put sustainability on screen.

Aaron Matthews, Head of Industry Sustainability - BAFTA
Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder - A Plastic Planet
Jacomien Nijhof, Manager Innovation and Fiction, member of the Board of EO, The Netherlands Chair NPO drama working group - Evangelische Omroep
Ellen Windemuth, Founder and CEO - Waterbear
Fiona Morgan, Head of Inspiring Action - Sky