Cloud powered platform agnostic distribution strategies usher a new era in TV history

15 Sep 2019
IABM Future Trends Theatre
IABM Future Trends
Newer media platforms and online outlets have led to an increase in audience fragmentation, yet content from underserved markets and emerging genres has established a worldwide following of millions. If traditional broadcasters are to successfully adjust to the digital era, they need to evolve their workflows and processes. In this session Andreas Jacobi, CEO and Co-Founder of Make.TV, will explore the cloud-powered strategies adopted by contemporary publishers to streamline their distribution process without compromising on quality. Andreas will highlight the role the cloud plays in transforming workflows by simplifying live content syndications and enabling unlimited simultaneous outputs across broadcast networks, OTT, online streaming platforms and social media. Andreas will explain how leading content owners are taking advantage of the number of new channels available to considerably expand their reach, establish a truly global audience and increase their monetization opportunities.'
Andreas Jacobi, CEO and co-founder - Make.TV