Beyond the pixel race: Preserving creative intent from UHD and HDR to 8K and beyond

15 Sep 2019
The Forum
Create & Produce: Creating Disruption
Can pictures keep on getting bigger and better? Even as creators are getting the hang of 4K/UHD production, manufacturers are already talking about the next step-up in image quality and resolution.

What can artists and producers do to ensure viewers see their work as they intended? How will the ecosystem need to evolve to support the next generation of formats? What's the impact of 8K displays reaching consumers? This panel will also discuss the business models for content creators and media platforms to invest in new formats.
Mike Zink, VP, Technology - Warner Bros
Maria Rua Aguete, Technology Fellow and Executive Director,– Media, Service Providers & Platforms - IHS Markit
Gail Jenkinson, Director of Photography