Audience moods states & beyond: Using data to create personalised & immersive experiences in TV

15 Sep 2019
Monetise: Scaling Audiences and Revenues

How can data can be used to create more personalised and immersive experiences in TV? In this panel, we'll bring together experts from broadcasting, psychology and ad tech to discuss their experiences and related academic research, along with letting us know what is currently feasible with existing technology.

We'll discuss opportunities for TV, what we can learn from the music industry, how user behaviour is changing and the ethical issues which arise. We'll end by summarising the impact from a commercial perspective - how can media be traded in this way in a digital world? Come and join us for what should be an informative and entertaining session!

Saleha Williams, Digital Partner, Media & Technology - Cognizant
Ira Gladnikoff, Head of Digital, Bonnier - TV4
Robert Curwen, Head of Broadcast Partnerships Go To Market, EMEA - Google
Jonathan Freeman, Managing Director & Professor of Psychology - i2 media research limited & Goldsmiths University