How 5G enables Virtual and Augmented Reality

14 Sep 2019
Tech Talk Extra

5G is being rolled out, and its characteristics are advertised as perfect for VR and AR. At 100 times the bandwidth of 4G LTE and lower latency, 5G can deliver the high definition, high fidelity audio and video that immersive media require. Or can it? This session will discuss the features of 5G that enable the production and distribution of immersive media, and look at actual, real-world experiments. 

Per Fröjdh, Director of Media Standardization at Ericsson, will explain which 5G Features for immersive Media.

Alia Sheikh (Senior Development Producer at BBC) and James Gibson (R&D Engineer at BBC) will explain how they used 5G in a set of “5G Smart Tourism” Remotely Rendered VR trials carried out by BBC and partners in the UK.



Rob Koenen, Co-founder & Chief Business Officer - Tiledmedia
Per Fröjdh, Director Media Standardization - Ericsson
James Gibson, R&D Engineer - BBC
Alia Sheikh, Senior Development Producer - BBC R&D