1st SaaS based Forensic watermarking and Multi DRM workflows

17 Sep 2019
CE Hub Theatre - Hall 14
Content Everywhere

Forensic Watermarking is a mandatory requirement from Studios for 4K/UHD content, Forensic Watermarking delivers a value proposition of robust security and tracking analysis via the Watermarking detector for OTT services.

Incorporating' advanced forensic'watermarking services is always challenging in the existing ecosystem or for new OTT services in terms of integration, scalability, robustness and most importantly affordability.

Multi DRM and Forensic'watermarking is a' great combination to create an end-to-end content security workflow in a single architecture with pallycon'SaaS'services. Learn more' at' www.pallycon.com'

Govindraj Basatwar, Global Head:- Business - INKA ENTWORKS Inc